Final 0.7

 The Final 0.3 hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker was an excellent speaker in its day.

Some of these loudspeakers are now requiring attention to the electrostatic panel due to the aging effects of airborne pollutants. This has caused the panel to become less sensitive that it should be causing a mis-match between bass and treble sections.

All is not lost! The panels can be re-built given our repair kit and a little labour. Our repair kit provides materials to allow you to replace the diaphragm with a thinner material which will give superior transient response.

Final 0.3 Repair Kit  ASK Rob



Mylar C, 4.2 m 10 metres
Diaphragm Adhesive 50 ml bottle
Syringe 1
Applicator Sponge 1
Foil Tape (4 mm wide) 10 metres
Tensioning Scale  1
Filament Reinforced Tape 1 Roll
HV Wire (6 kV) 1 metre
Rubber Gloves 2 Pairs
Full Instructions 1