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If you own some Quad 57 electrostatic loudspeakers that are in need of repair we have posted a complete repair story from Meinolf, a client in Germany. Click HERE to take you to this page.

Click here to see a new Quad 57 testimonial from Italy.

Check out the new testimonial for the Quad 63 kit from Steve in Mexico, click here.

Our flagship ESL kit, the Acorn, has undergone some improvements to the structure and electronics, go to our Acorn page or click here to see what we’ve done.

Click on the link or on the Mini Panel box to the left to read about it and see what it looks like.

We are still experiencing some difficulty with our ISP with email responses to certain addresses. If you do not receive a response to your query within 2 days, please re-send your enquiry, we will answer directly.

US Distributor:- Mike Beck at Beck Audio

We have added a Donation Page to the web site. This has been created because we have had customers that we have helped through tricky repairs want to donate some money as a thank you for the assistance we have provided. 

Go to DONATE to read more.


Exciting new product, the 505 panel and

dynamic bass system.

Following the unexpected unavailability of the 440 mini panel ESL we decided to create our own improved version. Our customer feedback on the 440 product was very good indeed with the only criticisms being low sensitivity and a narrow dispersion pattern.

Because we started out with a clean canvas we had the freedom to design to our wish list which has led to a very nice loudspeaker. The panel has grown in height a little going from 440mm to 505mm, width has reduced from 168mm to 150mm. The panel thickness has reduced from 8mm to 5mm allowing a very slender frame to be used.

These changes plus changes to the conductive surfaces within the panel have resulted in a panel with excellent frequency response, dispersion and sensitivity

As with the 440 mini panel, the 505 ESL panels are supplied ready to be mounted in a baffle of your choice be it Perspex, glass, timber, lacquered MDF etc. They come complete with a ready built and tested power supply and audio transformer. All you have to do is mount them in a baffle, connect them up and play some music.

 Goto to our MINI PANEL page for further details


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