Quad 57 Repair Kit

Deserves to be fixed. A true legend.

The Quad 57 is an excellent loudspeaker, one of the all time greats!!  However, they have now reached an age where they can become temperamental and misbehave (e.g. hiss,pop, spit and even glow in the dark!).

The Quad 57 repair kit has been designed to address the most common issues found with faulty ESL panels.  Generally these issues are: low, or distorted output from one, or both, speakers and strange noises such as hissing, clicking, popping et cetera.

Our repair kit contains sufficient diaphragm material to re-diaphragm all panels in a pair of Quads and have plenty left over (i.e. 4 bass panels and 2 treble panels).  ASK Rob

Quad ESL57 Repair Kit



Dust Cover Heatshrink,  6 metres x 800mm x 6µm 
Bass and Treble Diaphragm Film 10metres x 670mm 3.5 µm Mylar C
Clear, conductive Coating 25ml bottle
Diaphragm Adhesive 25 ml bottle
Tensioning Tool 1
Nylon Screws 200
Steel Nuts 200
Terminal Blocks (3 section/6 holes) 2
Red Silicone Wire (6 kV) 3 metres
Blue Silicone Wire (6 kV) 3 metres
Black Silicone Wire (6 kV) 3 metres
Copper Foil (6 mm) 8 metres
Adhesive Fabric Tape 1 Roll (50m)
Rubber Gloves 2 Pairs
180 Grit Oxide Paper 2 x 250mm Sheets
Foam Applicator 1
Couloured Dots 12
Measuring Syringe 1
15 mm Clips 12
Double Sided Tape (dust covers) 2 Rolls
Polyethylene Sheet 1
Full Instructions 1
Note: The 3.5um Mylar C to be used on bass and treble sections gives best all round performance.