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March 2024 Update


As you can see, we now have a new look website that should be easy to navigate to find the information you need. As this is a brand new site some pages may not work as expected or information may not be present on the page. If you have difficulty finding the information you require please contact us by email and let us know the difficulty you are experiencing.

Many thanks to Quad Guru, Gary Jacobson for the effort in building this site for us. (A pleasure Rob 😎 )

We will be revising costs over the coming weeks to reflect the increase in raw materials and freight costs we are experiencing.

As we advised back in December last year, due to costs of raw materials increasing uncontrollably, we have temporarily suspended production of our Acorn MkII and ESL IV kits. 

We are currently exploring alternative production methods in an attempt to contain rising costs. If you are contemplating building either of these projects please contact us and we will put you on our list for contact once we know what will be available and when.

We are progressing with this, albeit slowly!

Any changes to construction will in no way compromise the sound quality of these speakers.

The 505 panels are in stock and will still be available.




Quad 57 Replacement Mid / Treble panel

Details and pictures coming soon.

Quad 57 Two section EHT supply.

Details and pictures coming soon.

Quad 57 Mid-Range / Treble Panel Protection Board

Details and pictures coming soon.