Stevan's 505 Project

This project was to have two 505 panels stacked to create a line source
and provide sufficient output for his room....

Some time ago we supplied Stevan with some 505 panels that were plain PCB green in colour, these were to be used under grille cloth (as we always recommend) so the colour of the panel was of no consequence. Note, the 505 panels are normally black in colour, these were coloured incorrectly.

We normally supply these panels fully built and ready to use but Stevan wanted to DIY this from the ground up so we supplied him with a full DIY kit of parts with some assembly instructions.

This project was to have two 505 panels stacked to create a line source and provide sufficient output for his room.

The bass section is a long throw SEAS 8” driver in a transmission line box. Sometimes a TL bass section will not integrate well with ESL panels, especially those with heavy cones, these can sound half a beat behind the panels. However, Stevan has used a driver which has a lightweight cone with a powerful motor so integration with the panels is good.

See below for some pictures of the completed project. Stevan has also added some comments on the sound.

In the picture above the speaker has the grille cloth removed showing the natural green finish of these stators.

The picture below has the grille cloth in place giving a very elegant appearance.



Note the clever use of clear acrylic to create the baffle and frame for the panels.

The width of the baffle matches that of the bass box but is not obtrusive and being quite wide will improve mid-range output by lowering the frequencies that front to rear cancellation starts to affect. Apart from the positive sonic effect, the speaker has a very elegant appearance.


I am listening stacked 505 all the time. My reference Anthony Gallo 3.1 was relocated to my workshop. The 505 are working so well that all my friends are amazed with the sound.

Voices are so natural, especially on good recordings.

The speakers are playing with great authority, with clear and specious presentation and precise picture. Even off axis the sound is good.

First thing what my son said after listening to the speakers, was; "those are mine speakers"! 

My friend for whom I have refurbished his Quad was shocked how 505 are good.

I have to tell you that also membrane coating contributes to good work of the speakers.

I am keeping bias supply off when the speakers are not working, and immediately after turning on the speakers are working! Great.

I was suspicious as I have used Mylar which I have purchased from you several years ago, but everything is working fine.

I am not in position to compare your best Acorn with the hybrid, but I am sure that the mid-range is close to Acorn at least,

knowing your enthusiasm in creating the best without compromise.