Electrical Components

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Electrical Components


EHT Supply $ Check Price

We have ready built and tested (includes plastic box) variable output EHT supplies available. Output can be varied from 1.5kv to over 8kv. Output polarity is selected when ordering. Requires a DC supply from 3 to 15 volts.    65 x 75 x 25 (W x L x H)

Adjustable Regulator  $ Check Price

For non-regulated EHT supplies. Provides a regulated DC output ranging from <3 volts to > 12 volts.Ready built and tested (one only reqd).

This regulator is supplied on a printed circuit board and is ready to use. It may need to be enclosed in a suitable box depending upon the speaker design.  

Bass transformer 1:200 5.2kg  $ Check Price

Used to drive the bass section of our highly regarded Acorn electrostatic loudspeaker.

Power handling is conservatively set at 150 watts with short term peaks exceeding 350 watts.

Frequency response is flat from
20 Hz to 2kHz. driving most typical loads.

Grain Oriented Silicone Steel core

Audio Transformers (Full Range) $ Check Price

Our standard full range audio transformer is a grain oriented silicone steel, multi-sectioned design, with excellent frequency and square wave response. Turns ratio is 1:90, power handling conservatively set at 150 watts continuous and 500 watts impulse. (<200 ms). Weight 4.5Kg

Response is < ±2dB, 20Hz to 20kHz driving a 1.2 nf load. A 0.6 ohm resistor is used in series with the primary to quell a rising response which peaks at 25 kHz. (resonance). This resistor may be varied to adjust the response for different panel loads.

Note: the appearance may change from that illustrated, electrically the later transformers are the same but are “drop through” design, the 4 through holes are used to mount the transformer on a base plate.

Treble transformer  1:100 2.5kg $ Check Price

Used in the midrange / treble section of our Acorn electrostatic loudspeaker.

Power handling is set at 150 watts with short term peaks of over 250 watts. Frequency response is flat from 150Hz to 20kHz depending on load.

PCB Mount Transformer  1:100  0.67kg $ Check Price

Currently used with our 505 mini panels.

Can also be used for smaller DIY projects. or larger treble panels

Regular frequency range  150Hz to >20kHz.

Driving a small capacitative load this transformer will go out to around 35kHz.


EHT cable $ Check Price

Rated at 6kv, 20awg, Silicone insulated. Suitable for audio signal applications from the transformer secondary and bias supply.

6 colours available, Red, Black, BluePinkYellowWhite



High Voltage Diodes, UF 4007 $ Check Price

Ultra fast 1kv rated. Suitable for Quad and most other EHT supplies

High Voltage Capacitors .01uf 3kv rated  $ Check Price

Ceramic capacitors for high voltage supplies, suitable replacements for Quad and B&W DM70 EHT supplies etc.

3.5 kV EHT Resistors $ Check Price

Genuine high voltage high value resistors are hard to get. We stock the Philips VR37 range of high voltage resistors in 10, 22 and 33 MΩ. Rated at 3500 V, these are ideal for diaphragm bias current limiting.   

EHT Resistors RJ81 Series $ Check Price

100 Megohm 1 watt rated at 3.500v but will tolerate much higher voltage with low current.


10 kv EHT resistors VR 68 Series $ Check Price

150k - 470k 1 watt Metal Oxide Resistors. Used in the secondary side of the audio transformer in series or parallel to provide frequency filtering to the ESL panels.


Tensioning Tool $ Check Price

This device is used to tension diaphragm film to the tension required for your project. Comes complete with full instructions to enable quick and repeatable results


Copper EHT Foil $ Check Price

It is essential to provide an EHT rail around the perimeter of the diaphragm. This is best applied to the surface of the air gap spacer that comes into contact with the conductive coating. Our foil is 4 and 6mm wide, 25 microns thick, self-adhesive and can be soldered.
Specify which width you require


Construction Manual $ Check Price

This 108 page* manual is supplied in our ESL III and ELS kits. Can be purchased separately and used as a guide for custom design construction. Invaluable! 

Now includes construction notes for our Acorn speaker!

(*Subject to continuous improvement!)