Johan's Quad 63

I wanted to let you know that your kit is in one word .... superb !

Hello Rob,

I wanted to let you know that your kit is in one word .... superb !

For now I have renewed two panels (both delay units in one channel and to be quite honest I must say that the difference is not noticeable (!)
I have already had two people over who saw me busy. One of them has the 989 with one faulty unit. That one is standing over here with me for repair now.
And I'm not even finished with mine :-) This man is a famous Dutchman in the audio recording field. He worked many many many years at our Wisseloord studios.

Very famous artists and bands record here. He said that he couldn't hear any difference and that I did a wonderful job. I believe he has better ears than me.

The way this man talks about things ... wow, this man is a walking treasure. I want some of his knowledge (grin). He is an absolute reel to reel and tape expert.

I have never ever met such a friendly person so I offered to repair his 989 for free, which he gladly accepted.

I adore your coating. Very easy to apply evenly, but work quickly for best results. You are spot on in that it takes slightly less than the 2ml.

Your stator urethane glue residue can easily be taken off with a cloth and a bit of acetone on it. My modules are soo clean :-)

I wasn't quite a fan of sanding the honeycomb parts, sorry for that. I took a wooden scraper to remove all the glue. Finally cleaned with a cloth and some acetone.

The bonding of the pet is ridiculously strong with that red urethane glue of yours. I did not expect it to bond that thorough. Great job !

The most important thing I did, and this may be a nice add-on to your manual: I have laid down the layout of two modules with painter's tape (that thin paper sticky tape) on a glass plate (I used my round glass table). Three layers on top of each other eliminates the wobbling of the stators due to their somewhat higher center posts.
When glueing the stator onto the film, which is tensioned over the tape, it will press the film firmly and 100% even on the stators without having to push on the edges. (This is a good tip and is now in the repair instructions, Rob).

The weights will do the job nicely. Things only get better :-) 

I will sent you some resume when I'm completely done with them if you wish. My photos are usually very detailed. 

With very best regards,