John's Testimonial

I have to thank you for your excellent repair kit and more importantly, all the
help you gave me before I actually purchased the kit

Hi Rob,

As you know, I purchased the ESL repair kit from you before Christmas and I have now successfully completed the repair on my 30 year old Quad 57 Woofer panel. I have to thank you for your excellent repair kit and more importantly, all the help you gave me before I actually purchased the kit as well as all the support and assistance received after my purchase and into the repair process.

When my speaker started clicking and then popping and snapping, I was concerned that I was going to have to chuck the speakers, as I was having no luck in finding someone to repair them for me in Ontario, Canada, at a price that I could afford. My Google of "quad+speaker" lead me to believe that I would be able to do the repair myself, if I could obtain the proper materials. Soon I found ER Audio and low and behold your ESL repair kit. All your answers to my questions and concerns about the different repair techniques that I had found on the web were very informative and prompt and I felt very confident that I could do the repairs and that your kit was exactly what would get me through the repairs. So, I ordered the kit.

I was most pleasantly surprised when I promptly received the kit all the way from Australia to Canada in the middle of Christmas rush and more so I was very happy with the completeness of the kit. Your kit leaves absolutely nothing to be needed to do the repair. Thanks for putting that extra bit of effort to include the little things like brushes, gloves, etc, and all items were very well packaged. The instructions on a mini CD is a really nice touch.

I did vary from your instructions in that I have never been happy or successful at removing a rivet by drilling the end. I feared that I would damage the stators as in the 57 they are only plastic. I purchased a cheap pair of mini wire cutters and ground them to a sharp edge. I was then able to get the cutter edge underneath the end of the rivet and crimp them so that I could simply push them out. After a couple of rivets I had the technique down where it took no longer than 3/4 hour to remove all the rivets, and no melting or damage to the stator.

The repair to the diaphragm, and subsequent reassembly of the stators, was actually easier than I anticipated. It was more difficult to open the speaker unit, get the woofer panel out and back in and then close up the speaker than it was to do the repair of my split diaphragm.

So you have an extremely happy customer in Canada who is once again wallowing in the luxury of hearing that fabulous Quad reproduction. It is great, once again to be able to hear the breathing of the musicians, turning of music pages or the occasional bow strike on a music stand. I know that when I hear all that extra from a lively recording I am getting that true Quad reproduction.

Thanks again for all your assistance and the repair kit that you have available. I will recommend you to anyone who needs to repair an ESL

John H - Ontario, Canada