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Diaphragm Films

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Polyethylene Terephthalate (P.E.T.) by Toray , Japan. Uncoated 620mm 3.2 µm

Genuine Dupont Mylar C  wide, uncoated.
Best all round performance.                        (OUT OF STOCK)

670 mm 3.5 µm
Genuine Dupont Mylar C. Uncoated. Excellent transient response with good durability and ease of use. 670mm 4.2 µm
Hostaphan, tensilised, uncoated film, great compromise between performance and durability,      (OUT OF STOCK)
800mm 6.0 µm
ICI Melinex dated 1977. This roll of film was obtained from a retired Quad repairer and was reputedly supplied to him by Quad in the UK for ESL 57 repairs. Still in excellent condition (this type of film does not contain plasticisers so does not dry out). 650mm 6.0 µm
Aluminised, low surface resistivity (around 8Ω / square), works best on tweeters. Specialised applications.
650mm 12 µm

Dust Cover Films

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BOPP. Made in Germany. Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene.

Heatshrinkable film most suitable for dust covers. BOPP is about 60% the weight of P.E.T. (e.g. Mylar) so the mass of 3.8 um BOPP is equivalent to 2.8um Mylar.

BOPP is also “lossy” so does not give a metallic ring to sound reproduction as can be heard in some polyester films.

Note: Some adhesives and coatings do not adhere to this film.

730mm 3.8 µm
Heatshrink Film for Dust Covers

This film is much thinner than the dust cover material used on the Quad 57 speakers and can be used on the Quad 63 to 2912 speakers. This material is supplied in our speaker repair kits. 
670mm 6 µm to 8 µm
Note: All film is rolled from the master roll to a smaller shipping roll with no contact from either the machine or the hands of the operator. The first 300mm and the last 300mm will be handled to attach and terminate the film from the roll. We always add an extra metre or so to allow for the handled material.


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Our Clear conductive coating is available again after a long period of being out of stock

The coating is supplied as a concentrate and should be diluted with distilled water unless you require a low surface resistivity or high frequency only reproduction.

Surface resistivity is typically around 200 MΩ/sq but can be varied by dilution and gauge of application. Supplied as a concentrate to be diluted from 1:0.5 to 1:1 with distilled water. Typical coverage is 1.0 ml per 900 sq cm (1 square foot)

Bottle - 25ml and 60ml.
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Polyurethane Adhesive.

Most adhesives have difficulty bonding the polyester film typical in ESL panels, having poor peel characteristics.

Our polyurethane based adhesive will bond diaphragms strongly and reliably.

Slow cure time allows plenty of time to get things just right.

Some adhesives leave a hard brittle edge where it squeezes out from the join. This edge can damage the film as it flexes over it.

Our polyurethane adhesive leaves a “soft” edge where the adhesive squeezes out of the join, which will not damage the film.

N.B. "Gorilla Glue" expands too much and is not suitable in this application as it will increase the stator to diaphragm gap.

Bottles - 30ml and 50ml.
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