We sent a Quad 63 / 988 repair kit to Steve in Mexico. Unfortunately the kit was raided by either the postal service or customs personnel, adhesives, coating and rubber gloves! were taken leaving Steve unable to repair his speakers.
As his daughter was due to visit from the USA we sent replacement materials to her and she managed to get them to Steve without further problems

We received the following letter from Steve after he had repaired his speakers.


Hi Rob,

I finally finished renovating my ESL988 speakers (yes, finally!!). In the end I had to re-glue the stators on both bass units and reinforce the glue lines on the rest. I also had to replace the diaphragms on both base units. I just completed the rebuild and have been listening to it for the past hour or so.

It sounds great!!

I wasn't sure about the conductive coating on either base unit - this turned out to be the hardest bit of all. The coating seemed scruffy and uneven on both, and I had to remove some of the coating on the first unit since I got a bit close to the sides. However I have been listening to it alongside the other unit and it sounds like the balance is the same. I used a test disc which has various tones covering a wide frequency range and the image stays in the center throughout - my best test that both speakers have similar tonal balances and that the base response of the rebuilt speaker is OK. Not a perfect test but a decent indication that things are OK.

So I wanted to extend a further big thank-you to you for supplying a repair kit and for all your assistance and advice. Especially for your flexibility in resolving the delivery problem to Mexico. I'm absolutely delighted that I'm able to listen to my hi-fi again - and its all thanks to you.

Best regards.



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