Quad 63 Pal, Norway


 Last week I finished my project in repairing one of my Quad ELS 63’s.  It took me every evening for a week to change diaphragm for three elements in one speaker.

I tore up seven diaphragms during tensioning (some swearing here)

I didn’t do any testing before assembling the speaker, so it was very exciting to finally turn it on!

But all the labor was worth while.  I now have a new speaker !!

 The first day.  Stripping the speaker.

 Thank You for the eminent instructions and for this great opportunity to fix the speakers at a low cost.

 Best regards

Pål (Pal’s surname has been withheld for privacy reasons)


Some of the contents from the repair kit and a couple of panels.

Diaphragm Damage caused by stator to stator arc.


Burned stator caused by arcing. Note the damping mesh on the surface

This stator has suffered glue failure and has broken loose from the support panel. This has allowed it to become too close to the other stator causing the burning at top centre.


The repaired working speaker, yet to have dust covers, grille and grille cloth fitted.

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