Quad 63 repair kit used in the Philippines

Hi Rob,
I'm finished with the repair although I still have to fit the dustcovers and the grills. I couldn't wait to tell you that the speakers already sound very detailed, natural and musical though they are still breaking in.
Actually, I bought the speakers from a store here thats importing used appliances from Japan for Pesos 4.500 (US$85.00) as is. The sound was distorted in both speakers and there is no service center capable of repairing them. So I search the internet, found your website, ordered the repair kit from you and decided that I do the repair myself. Overall I spent around US$230.00 total plus few hours of repair. What a fantastic bargain for a speaker which cost around US$4,000.00 new. I know that owning Quad speakers is daunting to a lot of people because of expensive repairs if the unit breaks down. Not me. I'm already an "experienced" repairman with your kit.
Thanks again for the excellent service. I look forward to hours and hours of musical enjoyment with my Quad PRO-63 speakers.

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