Dear Rob,

Thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on refurbishing the 63s. Well I've just finished the second one, I had a bit more to do but it was a lot easier than the first because of the learning process. I ended up replacing five diaphragms, one was perfectly alright but the stator underneath it was flapping about so much it had to come out. I've learn't a lot in the past few weeks and it was all very enjoyable and also satisfying, I couldn't have done it without your clear instructions and photographs, thank you very much!

I've learn't that cleanliness is very important, you almost need a "clean room" set-up to do it professionally, the vacuum cleaner came in very handy. Powering up each panel as it is completed was a very good move, saves a lot of backtracking. I must have wiped a bit of diaphragm fluid onto the edge of the matrix by mistake because it caused sparking between the top of the ally angle which the matrix connects to and the main ally frame which was about 2mm away at the time!  Every stator needed some gluing, but six had to be completely pulled away, cleaned up and re-glued. Also one dust cover had to be replaced, that was my fault as I was gently washing the black build-up away I ripped a hole in it. You couldn't see through the cover it was really filthy, it looked like I'd had a coal fire going for the past 25 years.  The neon discharge is a very good tool as well, they are now both flashing away at the correct rate. 

So how do they sound?  It's not easy fully describing the sound from a loudspeaker but here goes. There's a oneness to the sound now, before the refurbishment I couldn't  listen to the Quads on axis as there was too much glare from the upper frequencies, all that has gone,  and I can't pinpoint any part of the sound that the Quads favor, they simply disappear. The sound is much more solid and open, I can hear more of the recording location  as well. You don't need a modern recording to prove it either, I was listening to an old Paul Robeson CD  recorded in the 1930s or 40s, it was quite startling to clearly hear instruments that were buried in the background  before.

One again thank you very much for all your help, the kit and instructions contained everything I could possibly have needed.


PS: Please use this short letter as a testimonial if you like 

Mike - South Australia

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