Good morning Rob,

 Just a quick email to let you know I reassembled my speaker at the weekend and it’s singing again like a bird J so thankyou for making what seemed like a daunting task relatively straightforward with your repair kit and instructions.

 Just for your information, the problem was with the top bass panel, that dreadful hot humid day had weakened the glue in the corner of one stator causing it to lift away and arc against the diaphragm. I decided trying to remove the stator completely and reglue would cause more problems so just glued down the offending corner and weighed down with a wooden template and weights for a couple of days until set hard.

 The diaphragm too proved surprisingly straightforward and again with a specific template to keep it secure to the stretched mica and weighed down also worked a treat. 

I felt the next step was probably going to be the trickiest, that is creating the holes in the diaphragm for the three screws to secure both stators together and applying the conductive coating but again went well with no disasters. I was a bit  anxious about coating the diaphragm as the finish left streaks on the surface and while I made sure the workroom was above the 18 degree C whilst applying the coating and for a few hours afterwards the temperature would have dropped well below this limit during the curing period. 

Anyhow, Saturday morning I replaced the completed panel and powered up ..... no bangs, pops or squeaks (not that I expected any) so powered down for a few hours to discharge and then connected to the amplifier. I was delighted to hear a full sound and spent a few hours putting them through their paces in its ‘nude’ state ( maybe my imagination but it did sound good with no dressing around it) until confident the repaired panel was pulling its weight. I would not have been too surprised if nothing came from the repaired panel as I had a very small doubt that the coating had not cured correctly ... but no ;-) 

Anyway, Sunday morning, new dust covers, back on with the panels and up with it’s skirt ... more listening, perfect J 

I also think their WAF rating may also have improved as my wife agreed they do sound pretty good compared to the standby speakers we’d been using while the 63’s were out of commission, they can stay for now. 

Please feel free to add this as a testimonial to your superb repair kit and again many thanks allowing me to hopefully get another many years of enjoyment from them (They very nearly ended up on e-bay as spare partsL)

 Best regards 


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