A tribute to ER Audio

 When I decided to restore my Quad ESL63, I was motivated by the dull sound my Quad were giving, and a flabby soundstage, far away from the ESL63’s reputation. I then contacted ER Audio to buy their reparation kit, which arrived two weeks later (I live in France).

The kit is very well designed and the manual is clear and appropriate. I must confess I however made a fatal mistake at one step, all my fault, but ER Audio was of great help to solve it via several e-mails. Rob gave me suggestions and advice until I found the reason for the problem. Unfortunately I had to re-do all the diaphragms as the problem came from pollution of the matrices with an inadequate greasy material. ER Audio provides you with enough material quantity to allow a second rebuilt. My only trouble was that the glue had cured in the meanwhile. Not a problem with ER Audio who sent me two new bottles for free! (Isn’t that fair?).

The other steps being quite straightforward I eventually went through the restoration with no hiss when switched ON.

So was all this worthwhile? Oh boy yes it was! I tried many other ways to improve my system, but none gave me such a solid soundstage, such accurate location of musicians, such deeper bass, and such tasty mediums. I really own this to ER Audio, not only their products but also their help and kindness. 

Philippe H, France

Nb, When originally assembled and powered up the panels made a hissing noise and the neon indicator on the HV board was continually illuminated instead of flashing once every few seconds. This indicated serious leakage of the high voltage polarising charge.

Philippe had cleaned the plastic panels with a Spirit Wipe cleaning agent that left a slightly greasy semi-conductive film on top of the plastic, this had to be removed by further cleaning to ensure the panels had no high voltage leakage.

We recommend Sugar Soap (TSP) be used to clean the panels followed by a thorough rinsing in distilled water to ensure no contaminants remain on the surface.

Rob, E R Audio.


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