The Quad 57 are excellent loudspeakers (one of the all time greats!!) but have now reached an age where they can become temperamental and misbehave. The Quad 57 repair kit has been designed to address the most common issues found with faulty ESL panels, namely, low or distorted output from one or both speakers and strange noises such as hissing, clicking, popping etc.

Our repair kit contains sufficient diaphragm material to re-diaphragm all panels in a pair of Quads and have plenty left over.

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The kit also includes high voltage (6kv rated) silicone insulated cable in Red, Blue and Black to replace the existing wire if it has become damaged or brittle.

Quad 57 photograph reproduced with kind permission of Audiophilia - The Online Journal for the Serious Audiophile.

Click Here for John’s story and HERE for Giuseppe’s story for the use of our Quad 57 repair kit

Cost     AUD $324.50

Now better value than ever.
The kit now includes 6 metres of 800mm wide x 6um thick heatshrink material for dustcover repair or upgrade.
This is much thinner than the original Quad material and improves the high frequency and transient response
of the speaker.

Note, the kit is supplied with 3.5um Mylar C to be used on bass and treble sections, this gives best all round performance.

To read a full restoration story from Germany click HERE.

A word of Advice

As with all esl’s you should always ensure that the speaker panels require repair before opening them up. The Q57 is not the simplest repair and, while they can be repaired at home, this should only be done if the panels are not working properly. We strongly advise against opening the panels up with the intention to “upgrade” them, only dismantle the panels if they are performing badly or are damaged in some way.

This is very much a case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

The ESL panels are made from punched plastic and have been riveted together for at least 35 years, in some cases much longer. When the panels are opened up the stresses are relieved and the plastic can distort slightly changing the distance between the diaphragm and the stator. If this gap is different on one stator to the same place on the other stator the diaphragm can become unstable and be drawn to the closest stator under electrostatic force. Fixing this can be very time consuming

The dust cover film can be replaced with thinner material to improve transient response without dismantling the ESL panels.

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