Larger Martin Logan loudspeakers such as the Aerius, CLS, Quest, Sequel, SL3 etc, that have lost sensitivity can be repaired using our products and following our guidelines. Contact us for details and procedures.

A set of repair kit materials can be as low in cost as
AUD $70.60 plus postage.



 Above, front view of modified Martin Logan.

The original panels had lost sensitivity to the point where the speakers were not usable. The owner did not care to carry out a repair to the panel and asked whether the the new 505 panel could be used as a replacement.

A little later four panels, some temporary wiring and some gaffa tape surprised us with the outstanding performance this combination gave, especially as it was a temporary fix. The speakers have since had the panels fitted properly

Below, side view of modified Martin Logan Aeon speakers.

We used a strip of 55mm wide by 6mm thick MDF clamped behind the original side trim to create the faceted edge between the side of the speaker and the replacement panel. This helps to maintain a similar appearance to the original curved panel.


Smaller models such as the Martin Logan Aeon can be repaired in the same manner or by substituting the original curved panel with a stacked pair of our 505 mini panels. The original power supply and audio transformer within the Martin Logan cabinet is used to drive the panels, making this a very economical repair.


The pictures below show an experimental repair using gaffa tape to hold everything together, performance is remarkable!
Since the prototype below was made, a new panel originally designed for our Acorn speaker has been used in a Final 0.3 ESL. Performance is stunning. Go HERE to read about it. It can be used as a dead panel substitute in certain Martin Logan models.

Please note that the repair to Martin Logan speakers is not easy. The speaker panels are bonded together using VHB double sided tape, making them difficult to dismantle. It can be done at home with minimal tools but the results will depend upon your skill as a repairer.

From feedback supplied to us by our clients there is about a 60% to 70% success rate for this repair. However, the cost of replacement panels is very high so there is little to lose.
We will assist with advice where we can but we cannot guarantee a successful repair.

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