Tim – Victoria, Australia.

G'Day Rob.

First off thanks for your Chrissy card. Twas a pleasant surprise.

If I don't bore you too much I will explain what has been happening so far.

As you might remember, I rebuilt one panel using left over film rubbed with graphite and gently washed with metho (methylated spirit or alcohol, edited by Rob), all assembled with double sided tape. You suggested that with time the tape would let go and the panel performance would drop off.

At first I liked that panel better than the original, but there was not a lot of difference so I ran them as a pair.

The upshot is you were remarkably correct. The panel I repaired did drop off and finally became untenable.
I have just replaced both of them with the panels I repaired using your instructions and materials, (thanks again for all your help, prompt service and top gear!)
Definitely louder, but so much quicker, lively, responsive and GREAT!

Detail I had forgotten with my aging ears and loss of vinyl came right back. At first I wondered at all the hiss but soon came to realize that the fault was with my tuner, and not the panels, they are just a lot more sensitive.

Switch to CD and blew my brains out.

I am so SO pleased, so thanks again.


Note: The panels that Tim repaired were called Newton Sound Systems out of The Netherlands. These are from the same manufacturer of the Final 0.3 panels, which are identical in construction.




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