Marc from TSE Audiovisual in Melbourne Australia has made some very professional repairs to a pair of Final 0.3’s with low output panels.

The photographs show the repaired panel with silicone “dots” replacing the foam strips and a cloth cover on the outer face of the panel.

If you have a set of these speakers that are not performing properly anymore you can use the kit we offer to bring them back to life or, if you feel this is out of your comfort zone, contact Marc on 03 9406 6691 or to obtain a quote for him to do it for you.

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The left photograph shows the repaired speakers, both speakers have silicone ‘dots’ replacing the difficult to obtain foam strips that create the panel segments. The speaker on the left is bare as originally sold by Final, the silicon dots spoil the appearance somewhat.

The speaker on the right has grille cloth fitted to the front only creating a much more modern and cosmetically appealing appearance. This is not difficult to do as the cloth is stretched over the panel and captured by the side frame pieces and the top and bottom caps. Excess cloth is simply cut away at the rear using a hot soldering iron or very sharp knife.

The appearance from the front and rear is excellent.

Repaired speakers, one plain and one with grille cloth

Closer view of the speaker with
grille cloth

Click HERE to take you to the repair kit page

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