Perhaps they call you the Wizard of Oz (although I understand that you hail from England).

 I followed your advice and installed the second EHT board (in the second PSU). I then powered up the speakers, left the amplifier, pre-amplifier and CD player to warm up for an hour also.  Then played some CDs.

 Wunderbar.  Perhaps better than ever.

 It must have been phase difference.  On playing a mono recording the centre focus is now sharp.  The sound balance is now as it should be without any need to use the balance control and there is clean bright sound from both electrostatic units.  Furthermore what very faint high frequency hiss there was (so much less than with the Quad pre-amplifier and amplifier before their upgrade by David at Net Audio ( has now disappeared.  A total transformation.
I have no doubt that your very highly regarded ESLIIIs would sound much better (with appropriate amplifier and CD players), but as you said back on 27 October 2007 (yes, that long ago) it does (now) "sound like a very nice vintage system".  
I am one very happy man

 All I have to do now is have the cosmetic work done on the speaker cabinets - veneer repair, french polishing and new grilles for the bass cabinet, hook up the Quad FM3 and refurbished Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference turntable and I'll be fully back to 1970 - but with much improved sound.  Fantastic

 I cannot thank you enough for the endless stream of help and advice.

 As Arnie said "I'll be back", in this case if I ever need anymore advice or component rebuilds.

With all good wishes



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