B&W DM 70 Repair Kit

Sophisticated ESL speaker repairs- Simplified

Good Day Rob,

It’s been well over a year that I repaired my weak B&W ESL panel using your repair kit.

The problem with the panel as you may recall, was a severe drop in sound quality/ output between the Right and Left speakers.

In a nutshell, I'm amazed with the sound of my B&W DM70 speakers again and that the materials and instructions you provided were easy to work with and understand.As an added bonus, I like the fact that this whole package amounted to less than $140.00 CDN including shipping, customs, and excise duties.

When I initially contacted you, I was willing to send over the panel to you in Australia because I wasn’t familiar with the electronics and inner workings of electrostatic speakers but your advice was to forgo the huge shipping costs involved and try the repair myself, because in your words, “ you can’t do any worse harm to the panel”.

I discovered on disassembly that these speakers were manufactured in April 1971 and in comparing the original panel with the newly repaired panel, there is no doubt that the repaired panel sounds better and as a working pair, these speakers sound better now than when I bought them used, about 5 years ago and probably sound better than they did in 1971.

I still have enough materials and parts left over to rebuild the two panels five times over again and with the newly gained expertise, it’s a cinch.

I greatly appreciate your prompt replies in answering my e-mails when I wasn’t sure about disassembly or applying your conductive coating…
Although the instructions in your repair kit are well laid out and clear, it’s a welcome relief to have a personal ‘ghost buster’ on your side.

Please accept my sincere thanks for a mutual job well done and send my regards to your staff who put together this kit > you folks even provided gloves! 

A ‘gros merci’ from Montréal, Canada ,

 Ihor Chuchra - ichuchra@look.ca


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