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Acorn Electrostatic Loudspeaker Kit

Our flagship model, equally at home in a serious audiophile music room or as the main speakers in a high end home theatre system.

Acorn Construction 07502

The Acorn is a dual stacked, flat, 3 segment array using discrete bass, mid-range and treble sections. Two flat panels are stacked to create an array that is 1840 mm high. Width is 450 mm.
The Acorn uses CNC machined support structures for the stators, to provide a no compromise, zero shunt capacitance design.


ESL III Full Range System

(no compromise design)

The three flat panels that make up one loudspeaker are arranged in a curvilinear array ie. the bass panels, which are placed on either side of the centre treble panel, face slightly outward of the speaker centreline.

The outer panels (called bass panels) are actually full range but the high frequencies have poor dispersion due to the width of the panel. To compensate for this the centre treble panel is narrow giving good dispersion which sonically “fills in the gap” between the two bass panels. Kit includes all components cut to size and ready to assemble. All adhesives, applicators etc are provided.


ESL IIIb Full Range Loudspeaker

The ESL IIIb is a flat panel version of the popular curvilinear ESL III. This speaker was originally designed for studio monitoring purposes where detail retrieval and imaging were considered more important than dispersion. Excellent sonic results can be obtained in small to medium rooms with no need for the addition of woofers or sub-woofers.

The ESL IIIb is narrower than the ESL III which has been achieved by removal of the duplicated borders that divide the bass and treble sections. This means that the active area is still the same as the larger ESL III so there is no loss of output.

Incorporating suitable low frequency drivers in the enclosures can result in superb performance in larger rooms.

Curvilinear ESL Centre Speaker

Designed for use in a full ESL home theatre application.

Electrostatic operation means that tonal quality remains the same across the front sound-stage. This is most important if voice reproduction is to remain consistent.


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Mathews's system 8
Speakers 2

505 Panel Electrostatic Loudspeaker

The 505 electrostatic loudspeaker panel is the perfect way to experience the clarity that ESL’s offer without the very high price tag.

Designed to be a very versatile mid / treble driver. They can be used in a 2.1 system as the satellite speakers with a single central bass unit, as stereo speakers each with its own bass unit or as a very high quality line source by stacking 2, 3 or 4 panels.


Take a look at our Mini Panel page or click HERE to read more about them.

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