Hi Rob,

            This is my finished sub in its third box. I have progressively come down in size and now only have an 18 litre sealed enclosure. The two Paradigm 10 inch drivers are long throw and mounted face to face. The active crossover is variable and I have found the best setting is a cut off at around 70 Hertz, signals below this are not fed to the panels. This arrangement helps the electrostatics in the rather large room ,125 Sq mtrs. My main concern was not to spoil the lovely clean bass from the panels and I think this arrangement works rather well.

While I am definitely no expert, to my ears this the best sounding system I have heard, this after messing around with Hi Fi off and on for the past 50 years.

You are very welcome to use the photo as you wish and I am more than willing to testify to any potential customer as to the quality of your kit.

Best regards,


Stuart from South Africa has built a pair of ESL III’s and used an isobaric arrangement with a pair of 10 inch Paradigm drivers to create a very fast and clean sub-woofer.

Unfortunately the sub-woofer photo has been lost.

See below for pics of the speakers

Stuarts Speakers

Stuart’s ESL III’s in African Rosewood

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