Dave W’s Hybrid ESL III project - Victoria, Australia


Dave’s ESL III project has a pair of Peerless based isobaric bass chambers set below the panel framing, forming a firm bass to mount the ESL panel frame.
When being integrated with ESL panels, the isobaric bass box has some advantages over conventional bass enclosures in that the outside driver tends to perform as if it is driving into a much larger box. This allows a small sealed box to be used which maintains excellent transient response of the drivers but also allows good low frequency extension.
The system is bi-amped using an active crossover, crossover point is set at approx 180 Hz.
A class D amplifier module from LC Audio drives the bass section and the panels are driven by a Plinius integrated amplifier.

Sound quality is reported to be excellent


ESL III’s in situ in the room - note the bass chambers have not yet been fitted.

Enclosures showing EHT supply and audio transformer location. Note the panel brace.

Completed speaker without grille cloth

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