Hi Rob,

The Acorns are up and running in temporary cabinets.  They worked flawlessly first time and sound magnificent even after only an hour of run-in.

I'll give you better feedback once they've got more hours on them, but already I can tell that they kick the ESL-III's arse in many respects; the bass is astonishing, the highs seem smoother (though this may be due to the configuration of my ESL-III panels), the imaging is sharper and a the sweet spot is a bit larger.

The sharper image does not surprise me as my ESL-III's give a similar image when they are completely flat.  The more forgiving sweet spot, however, was quite a surprise.

Overall the timbre of the Acorn and ESL-III's are indeed similar, making them a great match for the intended surround setup.  I'll get the surround speakers set up tomorrow - can't wait!
Anyway, I'm running them full range, unlike the ESL-IIIs which I crossed over at 120Hz or so to dynamic drivers, and don't feel the need to reinforce the bass.  I hope this remains the case once I try some movie tracks rather than music...



The next day!!

Hi Rob,

I had the opportunity to play with the resistors in series with the mid panel.  You were right, they were a bit dull at 100K.  However, they were a little too bright with no resistors, especially at higher listening levels where the treble became uncomfortable to listen to. I settled on 50K; sounding quite good over a range different material at
different SPLs for my intended listening position.  Or so I thought...

I tried running my NAD 2100 rather then the NAD C320BEE.  The 2100 is also a 50 w/ch @ 8ohm amp but has 6dB dynamic headroom, so I though it might push the bass out a bit better, which it did, but it also is smoother in the top end at high SPL than the C320BEE. So, I intend to repeat all my tests with this amp and may indeed remove the resistors to the mid panels all together.

I cranked the music for a little while.  All I found out was that they can go louder than my ears can handle!  The bass response of the Acorns is still surprising me; even at ear splitting volume the bass is clear, fast and solid.  Very impressive.  You once told me that, "the ELS-III’s aren't party speakers".  I can tell you that the Acorns are!

Now to the next problem...  The speaker grill cloth that I used last time comes in 1.5m x 1m packs.  I need around 1.9m lengths.  I see on your website that you have grill cloth advertised - what size do you have available?  Or, can you point me at a supplier of cloth that you think is pretty good.


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