The following is a short series of emails from a client in the US that has built 2 sets of Acorns, one pair for himself, the other for a friend.


Hi Rob,

I am blaming you for me getting behind in my work as I just can't stop listening to your Acorns!

I'm glad I followed your advice and listened to them without the subwoofer hooked up for a week or so as I became very familiar with the Acorn's sound.

A few days ago, I engaged the subs as follows:

1 - Installed a high quality film cap at the input of my amplifier used for the Acorns. It was sized and checked for a 3db down first order high pass filter at 60 Hz.

2 - Sent a 60Hz sine wave to the system and adjusted the phase control on the sub amp for maximum combined output.

3 - Adjusted the subwoofer output such that it was equal to the Acorn by alternating the two. Nothing fancy, just by ear.


Then I put on a Reference Recording ( my favorite label) of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and listened. By the second movement, I totally forgot about the sub being on as I couldn't hear any difference and these Acorns are so resolving I got engrossed in the music.

Then the third movement started with a fff bass drum, and it startled me! It wasn't a "boom" - It was a bass drum and it was in the room with me.

Further listened has made me conclude that the transfer is seamless. This system is so good that it's no longer like listening to speakers. It is just listening to the music. BTW, human voices are uncannily real.



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Hi Rob,


I'm not the only one amazed by them. 

Tom (surname withheld), a long time audiophile, is who the second pair is for. Just before he and his wife left for a 2 week vacation, he came over for a listen as I set them up with his amps and pre-amp that I restored / modified for him. He can't use them yet as his house is under renovation and we don't want all that dust.

He is normally not an emotional person, but showed much emotion when he heard them. As he left he shook my hand, thanked me profusely, and told me that he prefers them to the Martin Logan CLX ART that he has been auditioning! That is a compliment for sure. They are about US $35K.



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Hi Rob,

I have probably spent at least 40 hours listening to my pair of Acorns using many sources including some 1/2 track 15ips master tapes, vinyl, CD's and SACD's. My conclusions are:

1 - Beyond doubt, they are the finest performing speakers I have ever heard.

2 - A happy owner of a pair of Martin Logan CLX's admitted they were superior to the CLX's.

3 - I am using a totally refurbished and substantially upgraded 50 year old 60 watt per channel Harman Kardon Citation 2 tube power amp with no problems what-so-ever.

4 - While I assumed that being an electrostat I would not be able to achieve high sound pressure levels, I was wrong. My listening room is a "soft" 12M x 8M x 4M and I have no problem achieving realistic SPL's on all types of music.

5 - Well recorded voices are truly uncanny in their realism.

6 - My melding of a 12" servo subwoofer at a low 50 Hz with my Acorns has been seamless. Unless you look for it, you would would never suspect it was there.

7 - I see no reason why they will not be very reliable, and if there is ever a problem, it would be very inexpensive to repair as diaphragm replacement is easy.

I have been an avid audiophile since 1960 and can honestly say that my Acorns are the most impressive audio product I have ever owned.

Thanks for the enjoyment your Acorns have given me and will give me in the years to come.


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