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My wife (yes WIFE) and I had decided to go to our local Hi end audio store and review the latest that the major ESL brands had on offer. I had enjoyed having the opportunity to listen to some Hi End systems and had been suitably impressed. Upon deciding that the asking amounts were out of our league I decided to trawl the web hoping to find something special. I initially traversed the Web looking for a replacement for my old and dearly beloved Infinity RS 2.5’s, however after the trip to the local store my search had changed. I stumbled on numerous web pages on building a set of ESL speakers, most of which were although informative, a little unrefined. I decided that the only way that I would have a chance to own a pair of ESL’s was to use as much of the information that I could find and start building.

Increasingly I became more and more frustrated at sourcing the necessary materials and information until one night it all changed. I stumbled upon ER AUDIO.

Rob Mackinlay, not only stocked everything that I was looking for, he guided me through the process with the attitude of an old friend. Always willing to enter into discussion with honesty and a true willingness to see me succeed in finding my sonic bliss.

I knew that I had discovered something special when my wife auditioned my completed panels and exclaimed that they were far better at resolving detail than the benchmark set by the commercial brands we auditioned. This was the first time in my long audio affair that she had said something other than they sound nice. I knew that I was onto a winner. Not only are they what I was looking for; I had a hand in constructing them.

If you ever or never had the urge to build a set of ESL’s, you owe it upon yourself to contact Rob at ER AUDIO, you will be thankful you did.

My completed panels are from the prototype of the Acorns with enough resolve and detail to win over the most demanding critic. The speed and accuracy will leave you with the sense of jaw dropping amazement. The soundstage is vast and precise extending well beyond the ESL panels. Vocals are separated from the background and the centre imaging is dead on. Due to the nature and design of ER AUDIO’s full range Acorns, the integration between the Hi, Mid and low frequencies is seamless.

 Enough researching, Start building……

Thank you, Rob




Greg Acorn 1
Greg Acorn 2

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